Avengers 1

Melissa C.
Just finished this pattern and it looks amazing!
It took me quite a while to complete, but was a great Covid-19 project and my son loves it....


Sarah Minotti
I finished this beautiful scene after 2 1/2 years of hard work. I am quite proud of it and I absolutely love your charts. I will be back in the future for sure....


Diane Slater
Thank you for the chart you sent me. Took me 3 years to cross stitch. It’s the biggest cross stitch I’ve done. Took me another year to turn it into a quilt. My daughter loves it!...


George Offerdal
Yesterday I finished my latest cross stitch motive, the Tired leopard. I'm extremely pleased with this design as the picture is in HD effect with extreme clearness throughout the whole image (sharpest photos often have blurred backgrounds).
The cross stitch will now be framed and be given a prime position in my gallery.
Once again, my extreme thanks to you for your support. Keep up to excellent work....

Mouse Committee

George Offerdal
I've just finished my masterpiece, the Mouse Committee. This picture is without a doubt, my best picture completed to date. It provides my extreme satisfaction, when after around a years work, to be able to say the completed picture is better than the one completed beforehand. However, this makes search for the next motive always more difficult. I am therefore extremely grateful for you Witchykitt, for your efforts, as without your charts I probably would not see the charts so finely detailed that is needed to see the picture quality that is created....

Oriental Fan Blackwork

Helen Lamberton
I have done a couple of small traditional blackwork projects and could not resist this beautiful design, It looks to be so simple but I know that it is going to be a challenge. Well, I'm up for it and hope I do it justice. It's beautiful!...